Friday, November 13, 2009

Scared RINO Trey Grayson Attacks Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul as McConnell Abandons Grayson

Trey Grayson was singing Mitch McConnell's praises when Senator McConnell and pro-bailout establishment insiders helped the RINO Grayson raise money. Now that McConnell is meeting with Rand Paul, the Wall Street Journal reports that the former Bill Clinton-supporter Grayson has turned to criticizing McConnell. Maybe its because of Trey's pathetic fundraising numbers, his losing poll numbers, or all the great local and national press Rand Paul is getting, like this Wall Street Journal profile:

The Kentucky race is featured in a Wall Street Journal story today looking at efforts by underdog Republicans to catch the wave of anti-establishment fervor in their party..

Washington Wire: What should happen in Afghanistan?

Paul: I support a declaration of war in Afghanistan. We have to now determine what our mission is. It’s become somewhat murky.

Washington Wire: Do you consider yourself a libertarian?

Paul: I call myself a constitutional conservative. I see myself as sort of, part of this insurgency that’s out there, the way [former Florida state legislator Marco] Rubio is a conservative and fighting against an established moderate like [Gov. Charlie] Crist. Our race in Kentucky is going to shape up to be very similar.