Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From Bill Clinton to Club for Growth: Trey Grayson's Strange Journey

Over the past two months, Trey Grayson has become the laughingstock of Kentucky. First, he flew to Washington, D.C. to do a fundraiser with the pro-Wall Street Bailout Establishment, that he thought would push Dr. Rand Paul out of the race. Now, after Rand Paul destroyed Grayson in fundraising and has passed him in the polls, "Turncoat" Trey Grayson is claiming to be a member of the Club for Growth!

Question: How long has Trey been a member of the Club for Growth?

Question: Can Grayson produce credentials to prove he is a member?

Question: Was Trey a Club for Growth member when he campaigned for Bill Clinton?

Politico has a front page story today talking about Rand Paul's leadership in Kentucky Taxpayers United:

Paul, who has been active in Kentucky Taxpayers United, a local fiscal conservative group, said, “We hope we hit a chord” with Club for Growth officials. “I feel we represent the conservative alternative in our primary,” he said, adding that his chief opponent, Trey Grayson, was feted at an NRSC fundraiser in September.

Has anyone seen Grayson at a Kentucky Taxpayers United meeting? The RINO has been to more Democratic Party meetings than he has Taxpayers United! And yet Trey is trying to trick Commonwealth voters into thinking he is a member of the Club for Growth:

Grayson has been a member of Club for Growth, Hodson said

Show your credentials, Trey. Because we all know you are trying to trick Kentucky voters again.

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