Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Senate Does Not Need Another Pretty Boy Millionaire Trial Lawyer

We finally got rid of John Edwards and now another multi-millionaire trial-lawyer is trying to get to the United States Senate. Rich trial lawyers like Jack Conway are the real reason our health care costs are rising. Check out this clip from a WAVE 3 story:

A major award in a wrongful death case came Tuesday afternoon. A Louisville jury ordered University Hospital to pay more than $9 million to a Meade County family. It has been a three-year battle for the family who lost a wife and mother to what the jury decided was the hospital's negligence. WAVE 3 Investigator Connie Leonard has reaction to the verdict from family members and hospital officials. (...)

The hope for change is coming to the tune of $9,000,047. During a four-week court battle, Beglin's attorney, Jack Conway, told the jury about the 40-year-old mom of two, a systems analyst at Louisville's YUM brands, who was scheduled for a routine rectal surgery on July 14th 2003.

Court documents showed Jennifer Beglin had a history of bleeding problems. But, Conway told jurors there was no documentation of what blood would be needed or when for Beglin, and evidence proved numerous calls were made for blood work and doctors were heard screaming "Get me the blood!" while Beglin laid dying on the operating table, one floor above the blood bank.

Jennifer Beglin came out of surgery in a coma and three months later with severe brain damage. Her family had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go.

In the end, Conway says finger pointing let the jury decide who the victim was.

Louisville's pretty boy Jack Conway is now wasting tax-payer dollars of citizens across the Commonwealth. Remember this story from the Elizabethtown News Enterprise:

ELIZABETHTOWN – The re-trial of Michael St. Clair for the 1991 kidnapping of Frank Brady is set to begin today with jury selection, but some close to the case feel there’s little to be gained, even in conviction.

St. Clair already is on Kentucky’s death row for Brady’s shooting death and is serving multiple life sentences without parole for murder convictions in Oklahoma. (...)

In an e-mail response to Yustas’ letter, which also was filed Friday as part of the St. Clair case, Conway maintained that prosecution of St. Clair is imperative.

Conway explained in an e-mail to Yustas his understanding of the case status, its history and the money shortage prosecutors face statewide, something Yustas pointed to as added reasons not to re-try St. Clair.

“... Doing justice in this case cannot and should not depend on the state economy,” Conway’s e-mail states. “... The people of the Commonwealth deserve to have St. Clair held accountable for this murder.”

Attempts by The News-Enterprise to interview Conway on the St. Clair case have been unsuccessful. An e-mail response from Attorney General spokeswoman Allison Martin-Gardner maintains that the trial is important and necessary. (...)

Brady family members have opted not to speak about the case since a 2008 story about the cost of re-trying St. Clair.

Noting the costs of continued prosecution, St. Clair describes himself as “the $4 million man.”

An actual cost for the numerous prosecutions of St. Clair is difficult to pinpoint.

Yustas said what once was public criticism of 17 years’ worth of trial proceedings will now shift to a storm of negative publicity for Conway’s office and the justice system as a whole.

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