Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Article Raises More Ethical Concerns for Daniel Mongiardo

The Courier Journal has an article out today that raises many ethical concerns about out Lt. Governor. These appointments sound eerily similar to the merit scandals under Governor Fletcher. Could this be what Daniel Mongiardo was referring to when he said the "only difference between Fletcher and Beshear was that Beshear hadn't had his blowup yet"?

An e-mail sent Monday by Richard Starnes, chief technology officer for the Mongiardo campaign, lists openings on nine state boards and asks that names of potential appointees be sent to Dick Prelopski, the campaign's director of field operations.

“If you know of someone that would be suitable for any of the positions, please e-mail Dick their name along with a resume,” Starnes said in the e-mail. “The window of opportunity is relatively short, so please submit the names and resumes as soon as possible.” (...)

Prelopski said that he did not know how many of his friends received the e-mail, and that he has not yet forwarded to the governor's office any names sent to him in response. He said he was not trying to earn favors, contributions or support for the Mongiardo campaign.

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