Monday, November 9, 2009

The Hill: Top 10 conservative conundrums of 2010

The Hill is now writing that Rand Paul and Marco Rubio of Florida may be the focus of the national Conservative movement, in the aftermath of the national GOP endorsing Democrat Dede Scozzafava, only for her to be forced out of the race by grassroots activists in favor of Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. The Hill writes:

1. Florida Senate -- Marco Rubio vs. Gov. Charlie Crist

If conservative activists had their chance to take down one frontrunner, it would be Crist. And they might get their chance, as Crist has shown some chinks in his armor of late. If and when Rubio gets the support of the Club for Growth, look for this race to shift into an even higher gear. Rubio will benefit from New York conservative candidate Doug Hoffman’s momentum in the new conservative cause célèbre.

2. Kentucky Senate – Rand Paul vs. Trey Grayson

Grayson’s Senate candidacy has yet to light the world on fire, and he has now been both outraised and outpolled. A SurveyUSA poll this week showed Paul overtaking Grayson 35-32, with much yet to be decided in their race. When you look at the national map, Paul’s candidacy is the real test of whether the movement of his father, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), can succeed at the statewide level.