Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fox News Features Rand Paul on the Glenn Beck Show

Rand Paul is still racking up the national TV coverage, as he was on the Glenn Beck show talking about how the Republican Party needs to coalesce around Conservative candidates in primaries and fight for true Conservative values:

RAND PAUL (R), KENTUCKY SENATE CANDIDATE: We're doing quite well, but I like to call myself a constitutional conservative. And I think that resonates in the Republican primary. I think what we're finding is as we get our message out -- is that the message is actually popular.

I think there is a disconnect between the Republican primary voter who does believe, like myself, in limited constitutional government, in our leaders who have sometimes let us down. It is like the bank bailout. I said I have yet to meet a Republican primary voter who would have voted for it.

And yet our leaders did vote for it. So I think there is a disconnect between leadership and the primary voter. But I think the primary voter and the platform in the Republican Party are very conservative. And I think as we get our message out, and as we're rising in the polls, it shows that the message is popular in the Republican primary