Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rand Paul Blows Away The Field In 3rd Quarter Fundraising

Here are some of the national and local news headlines Dr. Rand Paul received after raising nearly double what former Democrat Trey Grayson received from his Wall St. special interest pro-bailout supporters. Rand Paul did it!

Politico: "Rand Paul: The fundraising leader in Kentucky"

Reuters: "Rand Paul Wins 3Q Fundraising Race by Large Margin"

Lexington Herald Leader: "Paul tops other Senate hopefuls in last quarter's fund-raising"

WBKO: "Paul Rakes In $1 Million For US Senate"


  1. Ronnie Ellis had an interesting fact in this weekends column. Jack Conway has admitted to contributing over 6 figures to artificially inflate his 3rd quarter totals. So that means he really came in 4th in the money primary behind Rand, Charles Merwin III, and Lt. Dan.

    I thought his main claim to being electable was his ability to raise money??? Look out Darlene Price. If Jack can't fix the money machine he may have to compete with you for the "Otis the Bullman" roll in this election.

  2. And Rand Paul had as much or more KY donors compared to his main Republican competitor, who touts %contributions from KY. First, trey did not state whether it was donors or contributions, so I do not know if trey was referring to a % of people or %of a monetary amount.
    In any case, my take is Rand Paul has at least as many KY donors, PLUS a national base who have only contributed an average of less than $75.00 so far - talk about $$$ headroom...
    For his competition it is not so good.
    Trey's rich donors are probably maxed out already, with little or no national base to draw from, let alone expand.